Interventions with Children & Young People

The UNARS team has interviewed nearly 100 children & young people across Europe who have lived in situations of violence in Italy, Greece, Spain and the UK. Within these countries we have also interviewed carers and professionals.

These interviews were conducted in order to better understand how children and young people make sense of and cope with violence in their families and how they might be able to build a positive sense of themselves in these kinds of circumstances.

Findings from the interviews have helped to develop a good understanding of the ways that children can be resilient and resourceful in circumstances of domestic violence and how they might be empowered to build this capacity for coping.

The UK is now converting these findings into an Intervention Programme.

The programme is lead and facilitated by experienced, sensitive and skilled practitioners, including a Systemic Family Therapist and Clinical Psychologist, and a Play Therapist specializing in trauma.


UNARS Intervention

The programme is free of charge and will take place on a week day after school hours in a safe & comfortable space in a convenient location in Northampton town centre.

For further information, or to discuss the possibility of booking a place on the programme please telephone:

Intervention Administrator: Jo Phone: 07738 738002

The Intervention Leaflet can be found below.

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Interventions with Children & Young People

Using knowledge gained from interviews with children & young people, and focus groupswith professionals and carers we will build a therapeutic intervention for children and young people, focused on enhancing agency, resistance and resilience with young people who have experienced domestic abuse. This intervention will use creative therapeutic techniques. The therapeutic programme will be launched in July and August 2014, and further information on the intervention will be available here then.

We will also provide a training programme for professionals working with children in situations of domestic abuse. Our aim is to help professionals to support and enhance young people's capacity for agency and resistance, to foster resilient and positive self identities for children who have lived in these stressful and complex circumstances.