University of Northampton

United Kingdom

The Northampton partnership is led by Dr Jane Callaghan, Associate Professor in Psychology at The University of Northampton, where she coordinates the Social and Cultural Research in Psychology group. Jane also acts as Principal Investigator for the UNARS project across Europe.  The project is based in the Centre for Children and Youth. Established in 1997, the centre brings together experts from a range of disciplines, including psychology, sociology, human geography and education. The team draw from a variety of perspectives to consider children's wellbeing, from a local, national and international perspective.  Dr Lisa Fellin brings her expertise as a clinical psychologist and systemic family therapist to the project, supporting the development of the intervention. The project is managed by Sarah Armstrong-Hallam, and Jo Alexander is  the project researcher.  

Professor Judith Sixsmith, from The Institute of Health and Wellbeing, coordinates the policy analysis at Northampton and across the European partnership. The Institute of Health and Wellbeing is an interdisciplinary and interprofessional centre of excellence working with health and social care providers, commissioners and other partners to support research, enterprise and innovation relevant to the health and wellbeing of the population. The Institute builds on existing university strengths, combining academic talents from a range of disciplines to pursue common themes.

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