Everyone has the human right to be safe; NWA can support you if you or someone in your family is a victim of Domestic Abuse. Northampton Women’s Aid offers a countywide service to male and female victims, and perpetrators of Domestic Abuse. Year to date across the county the Police have registered over 12,000 incidents of Domestic Abuse, this only represents those victims who have reported to the police, Northampton Women’s Aid see’s a high volume of victims who have never disclosed their abuse to anyone, therefore the official numbers are underrepresented.

Within the current social climate the organisation is in a state of crisis, County councils are no longer paying for refuge provision, if the organisation is unable to secure the funding for these safe houses, many victims will be in grave danger. The reduction in national funding for Domestic Abuse has reduced, despite the number of families reporting abuse have risen, the number of children known to Children and young people’s services, where neglect or abuse has been identified, within these families a very high proportion are children who have experienced or witnessed Domestic Abuse.

The organisation is working in partnership with other agencies to developed a seamless service to all members of the family, we are working in partnership with Relate to offer the perpetrator of violence the opportunity to engage in a group, it offers them techniques to use to prevent violence occurring, it raises their awareness of the affect of the abuse on their families. Victims are offered the opportunity to come onto the Freedom programme; this identifies the characteristics and actions of the dominator. We also provide parenting programmes to Adults, and programmes for children and young people, who have witnessed or are victims of Domestic Abuse. We believe the holistic approach to the whole family is very effective.

Website : www.northamptonwomensaid.org.uk